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09 Nov 2018
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It’s amazing what you can happen when you really pay attention to your Clients. This is something Just Cuts Stylist Barbara Knowles discovered when she noticed a mole on the head of one of her clients at the Just Cuts Belmont Salon.

A routine Style Cut, this was the first time the client Neil had been to the Salon; however this didn’t stop Barbara from noticing a very distinct mole on the top of Neil’s head as she cut his hair that day.

Barbara suggested that her Client Neil go and get the mole checked out. The mole was a suspicious shape and size, not round. It was incredibly lucky that Neil’s stylist was paying attention when cutting his hair that day, as after a scan, it was revealed the mole was actually an invasive Melanoma.

“I would like to commend Barbara on her diligence in pointing the mole out. I would never have known it was there on the top of my head – I have a full head of hair and wouldn’t have seen it in a mirror. I want to thank Barbara, she basically saved my life!” Neil says of the experience.

As Stylist Barbara managed to catch the mole, Neil was able to have it removed and with a skin graft and emergency surgery to remove the melanoma, Neil’s life was saved.

Neil has since dropped into the salon to thank Barbara in person for her help. We encourage all our Just Cuts Stylists to take advantage of being able to view clients scalps thoroughly, and to tell Clients if they do see anything that looks out of the ordinary as it may well just save a life!

Barbara’s message to her fellow Stylists “If you see something, act. You’re in a position of privilege when cutting hair, able to catch things Clients themselves may not, don’t alarm, just suggest they seek further advice!”

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