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I would just like to say that the girls in the shop yesterday, 27th May, made me feel like a million dollars! I wish I had taken their names. It was just after mid day, and both my daughter and I had cuts and bought a couple of products. The woman who cut my hair was kind, thoughtful and informative, and after one of the worst weeks I have had in many years, she made me feel special and valued. Thank you! Not only do you have experienced staff who always give a great cut, but their ability to understand the needs of their clients, both with their expertise and manner is true customer service. Thank you again, and please let your staff know what a fabulous job they are doing.

- Kim

I have searched for years to find a good hairdresser. I decided to try just cuts I had my hair cut by 3 different people. Can’t remember their names but each one has given me the cut I love. I have never been happier with my style that they have given me. Everyone always comments on how nice my hair looks. I will definitely be going back to them.

- Debbie

To whom it may concern, I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to Belinda, the hairstylist who cut my hair this afternoon, who did a magnificent job. In short, I have received many haircuts over the years from many different places around the world, including the top-end town. Belinda is a truly talented stylist. I am so very grateful to her. I can be quite particular when it comes to my hair, Belinda was patient, empathetic, knowledgeable, and happy to assist. And I enjoy our chats. Please pass on my thanks - and rest assured you have an excellent representative of your company in Belinda. She is a delight. Regards and thanks again, Daniel

- Daniel

I want to give my proper thanks to the MacArthur Square Just Cuts Crew and a Special mention for Belinda, a stylist who has been cutting/buzzcutting my hair for the last two years . She alway greets me with a big smile, helpful to max and recommends products when i have questions.

- Breyan

I got a very good hair cut from a nice young lady with blond hair about 40 very happy she was lovely

- Gina

Very good with my daughter she listened to what she wanted. Will be coming back again to see Tammy. Very nice lady.

- Amanda

Thank you Joanne for the wonderful haircut. I am very happy with the haircut. This is exactly what I wanted.

- Kalpana

She listens to what the customer needs and wants and deliver the best service she can offer. Despite having me as a customer many times, she would ask what I prefer and confirm it each time by asking me about the length and style. I really like the way she cuts my hair and whenever I visit at least every 5-6 weeks, I am willing to wait for her if she is there. However, I would say that most of the staff at MacArthur Square provide great customer service and skilled in what they do.

- Eleanor

I just wanted to acknowledge the wonderful service of the stylist Kim today (haircut approx 9:45 am). Kim cut my sons hair and went above and beyond. Kim was kind, made sure she asked before every step and kept my four year old informed of what she was doing at each step. This is particularly important as my son can be fairly sensitive to noise (something that I typically tell the stylists, but with Kim I didn’t even need to). We usually use the tv at the store to distract my son however it was not working, Kim took the time to set up her own phone to make sure he was calm and distracted during the haircut. I think this employee deserves to be acknowledged, she is an asset to your team.

- Melanie

Just wanted to give Lucinda a shout out. Haircut always comes out looking good and understands exactly what you want. Please pass the compliments to her. Cheers.

- Ray

Belinda has great customer service and dies an amazing job with hair cuts and advice. I now have all my family going to Belinda for our hair cuts. She definitely deserves to be acknowledged. Thank you

- Tania

One of the best salons in Campbelltown . Went there today for a trim and the lady that gave me a trim was the sweetest person ever.. loved it and the staff were very polite.. definitely going there again ??

- Ayesha

I have had my hair cut twice with just cuts now. Both times I have been so impressed with the customer service, professionalism of staff and skill of cut! THANK YOU! I was feeling fed up at spending at least 3 times as much $, whilst the hairdresser attending me answered the phone or counter enquiries over and again and also discussed personal information loudly with the whole salon. Very professional, very reasonably priced and very attentive. I will be back

- Kate

Joanne was lovely in regards to her customer service and haircut, she was kind, quick and friendly, she presents herself and the company very professionally, I would highly recommend her to anyone and I’ll definitely be back again!

- Nathan

After moving to the area at the beginning of the year, I have visited your store at Macarthur Square on a number of occasions. I have always been so pleased with the high level of customer service and the excellent result. Twice, Marcelle has cut my hair and on both occasions I found her to be friendly, greeting me warmly and maintaining friendly conversation throughout the service, and professional, by recommending products to suit my needs and providing me with a great style. I will be sure to keep returning to your salon and will recommend it to my friends.

- Lisa

Self checkin system was great and estimated wait time was very accurate. I had my hair cut by Joanne and she was great. It’s been a while since my hair was cut so well and exactly how I asked. Thankyou

- Rui

Kellie Taylor recommends Just Cuts Campbelltown Macarthur Square. January 27 at 7:05 PM · I highly recommend this business and Joanne. I explained to her that my 3yo son has cerebral palsy and can't sit unassisted and isn't a fan of haircuts and she was so patient with him, she let him feel the vibration of the clippers before she started. there was a tv to help distract him but the other ladies in the salon were smiling and waving to my son making him so happy. Joanne asked questions about my son and the whole experience was great. no tears were shed and we will be regular customers from now on.

- Kelli

I'd just like to take a moment to leave some feedback. Haircut is amazing and service was friendly and top notch thanks kate r from macarthur square store. :)

- Gavin

I took my terrified screaming 2 yr old son to get his hair cute today . This was my 3rd attempt over the past 3 days to do so and I convinced that today’s try would end up failing just as the last 2 had . I was wrong ! Not only did Alicia get my sons hair cut but she went above and beyond to make him feel safe and secure despite my sons 2 year old tantrum. Alicia calmed him and made a stressful experience for him and I pleasant . I can not commend her enough.

- Renee

I visited the store on 24 August 2019 for a style cut. Caterina did an excellent style cut and dry off. She was quick, helpful and very professional . Thank you Caterina!

- Gloria

I went in today to see if they could fix a very very bad hair cut I had last week at a different salon. ( not one of yours) Alicia was wonderful, she said of course she could help me and talked to me about what she could do to try and fix it. It was not an easy thing to do as the other salon did quite a hack job on it. Alicia talked me through what she was doing and why. It will take another couple of hair cuts to get it back to normal but at least it has some shape now. She was also horrified that a professional hairdresser could let a client walk out of their salon looking the way it was. I will certainly go back and see Alicia in 4-5 weeks for another hair cut. She did a great job and I am so thankful.

- Sharon

Walked in this Sunday morning to get my long awaited 4th haircut at Just Cuts MacArthur Square. Had the pleasure of having South African Lucinda cut my hair with upmost style and quality. I haven't had this exact style of haircut in years mainly due to my old hairdressers selling their business. Now I have found my styler again! I have also learned a few things as well about how my hair sits on my head regarding its symmetry on the 'perimeter' of my sides. Will like to have her as my default hairdresser!

- Ray

Cannot rave enough about Alicia at the MacArthur Sq store. My son is Level 2 Autistic and,like many autistic children has sensory issues, so when it comes to haircuts it is extremely difficult and can be a painful process. After being sent away from a barber one day, due to my son having a meltdown just trying to get him into the chair, I decided to get my haircut so he can watch and see that it’s ok to get ones haircut. Whilst I was sitting in the chair at the salon, a few stylists tried to do his hair but he wasn’t having a bar of it and actually ran out of the store screaming. I went outside to settle him and Alicia (not prompted) came out to help. She helped me settle down my boy and we managed to get him back inside so my hair could be finished. She then decided to give my little mans hair a go. Not rushing the process she gained his trust and managed to get a decent cut done without any tears. Since this day I will not go anywhere else to get my boys hair done. We walked in their today with my boy hiding behind a sign, frightened to walk in, I asked for her and she came straight out and she is even now able to use clippers on him without any stress!! Alicia has been a god send to me and my boy and is a true asset to your company. I honestly cannot thank her enough for all her help with my little man.

- Mel

Alicia has been just so wonderful in her skill in cutting my hair & so very friendly in her manner & her most interesting conversation with me , I'm so lucky to have both these lovely ladies Joanne & now Alicia here to look after my hair cutting needs , I really look forward to every visit , I'm a very happy customer of Just Cuts Macarthur Square

- Ted

Very happy with my style cut today. Thank you Terri. Enjoyed the chat too!

- Lyn

Would just like to say how impressed I was with Alicia's patience during my little boy's haircut today! It was also nice that Belinda came up and said hello as she has cut his hair before as well. Thank you!

- Michelle

I had Amanda T from the Macarthur salon cut my hair today. She was wonderful, very helpful. She did a beautiful cut and was very friendly. Great customer service and cut, I just wanted to give her a shout out!

- Shannon

he girls at Macarthur square do a great job!

- Scott